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Dimanche 28 mai

20:56Dancing, Alone Ten Tonnes
20:53Baby doll Archair (CH)
20:49Where is my mind Pixies
20:46Kill Trophy Eyes
20:44Unplug My Head Out Of Love
20:40CFH Elio Ricca (CH)
20:37Burning down the house Talking Heads
20:33Terrified Thumpasaurus
20:30Very Aggressive Angel Du$t
20:26My Girl Last Quokka
20:23The One Velvet two Stripes (CH)
20:19Fairlies Grian Chatten
20:15Sunday Sonic Youth
20:11Hawk Karluk CH)
20:07All Things Must Change Bush
20:04LosT Bring Me The Horizon
19:56Monster Girl Scout
19:52Things I Put Together Bush Tetras
19:49Mysterious Love Geese
19:47POW ! IKAN HYU (CH)
19:44Fat Lip Sum 41
19:40Like a Pastime Mammoth WVH
19:36Pendulum Rooftop Sailors (CH)
19:33Celebration The Dirty Nil
19:28Killing in the name Rage against the machine
19:24Matador Egyptian Blue
19:22Was Ist Das (C3 edit) Bandit Voyage (CH)
19:19We used to be friends The Dandy Warhols
19:15Sorry Like You Mean It Honeymoan
19:10Answering Machine Ded Elk (CH)
19:08In Lieu Of Failure Smashing Pumpkins
19:03Emotion Sickness Queens of the Stone Age
18:56Try again Aaliyah
18:52Salvami Jovanotti
18:50Was Ist Das (C3 edit) Bandit Voyage (CH)
18:464EVA (feat. Pharrell Williams) KAYTRAMINÉ
18:43Missili Quintale, Frah; Poi, Giorgio
18:38Diavolo in me Zucchero
18:31Ebony Eye Yves Tumor
18:28Moonlight Kali Uchis
18:14Primavera Pan Dan
18:09Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey
18:03Ciao ciao La Rappresentante di Lista
17:54The love cats The Cure
17:51Nel Profondo Veneto Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica
17:41(MX3 TOUS POUR UN C3) Come And Get It NNAVY (CH) (MX3 TOUS POUR UN C3)
17:37Big Lizard Energy Ellie Dixon
17:32Danza Organica (Extended Version) Sam Ruffillo
17:27Diavolo illuso Litfiba
17:22Finding Paradise Petite Noir
17:20This Is A Photograph II Kevin Morby
17:14A ballare funk Lil Venna; Ckrono; Ninjinho
17:0919-2000 Gorillaz
17:03Non ti dico no BoomDaBash, Loredana Bertè
16:54Mentre Roberto Kunstler, Asia Argento
16:51Pelle di luna Tatum Rush (CH)
16:44Lost Frank Ocean
16:42(REP) Birds (feat. Mau From Nowhere) Hook (CH)
16:36Guarda Come Dondolo Vianello, Edoardo
16:32Don't Hate Me Lola Young
16:28Satan in Love La Bellini
16:22Marechià Nu Genea feat. Celia Kameni
16:10Would you...? Touch and go
16:06Muscle museum Muse
16:03Ça va? Je t?aime! (feat. EMMANUELLE) Protopapa; Hey Cabrera!; Emmanuelle
15:58You're the best thing Ray Lamontagne
15:53Quelli Che Benpensano (feat. Riccardo Sinigallia) Frankie Hi-NRG Mc
15:50Consciously Carly Gibert
15:45Funky Superfly LTJ Sound Machine
15:42Take Westerman
15:39Ti uccido Shari (cantante italiana)
15:36No, no, no KC White
15:33Heart of gold Neil Young
15:29Lukas David Caspar (CH)
15:25Ni morte ni connue Mansfield.TYA
15:21Only You (Couleur 3 Edit) Steve Monite
15:17Ndofelapha Bongeziwe Mabandla
15:13Fellini (feat. Emiko) Shunaji; Emiko
15:10Seaforth King Krule
15:07MARTEDÌ Bluem
15:033 Boys Omar Apollo
14:58What I mean Baby's Berserk
14:54The bomb (These sounds fall into..) Bucketheads
14:51Bandits on Mars Calibro 35
14:48Frappe Le Cuir Pleasure Principle
14:44Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu) Bowie, David
14:42(REP) Hühnerei (feat. Durian) Karl Kave (CH)
14:39Power To The Women of The Morning Shift Oum Shatt
14:35Killer Queen Fil Bo Riva
14:30Pony Ginuwine
14:27Peppers (Couleur3 Edit) Lana Del Rey & Tommy Genesis
14:23A me di roma piace il rap Cor Veleno, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti
14:19What is love? Deee-Lite
14:14Super Poteri BS Radio
14:11Take Me Where Your Heart Is Q
14:08Greatness Quavo
14:05Bricolo Johan Papaconstantino
14:03Tears Giorgio Moroder
13:58Limbo Joesef
13:55(REP) Too Early SuperJazzClub
13:51(REP) Falling In Love (feat. P Nut) (Couleur3 Edit) System Olympia
13:48I Was Made For Dancing (feat. Ilona Staller) Cicciolina; Staller, Ilona
13:44Beyond Control (Couleur3 Edit) Fantastic Man
13:41Minor Setback Gum & Ambrose Kenny-Smith
13:38Tutto nero. Paint it black (orig.) Caselli, Caterina
13:35Dogma Circuit des Yeux
13:33Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love) The Delfonics
13:31Forgiveless (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard) SZA
13:26Tu t'e scurdat' 'e me (Version' p'A Radio) Liberato
13:23I'm Tired Labrinth & Zendaya
13:19Le Jeune Quinzequinze
13:15Prendi Un Caffè? Chauffeur et Parlak (CH)
13:11Nurse! Bar Italia
13:08M'évaporer Claude Wave (CH)
13:03Raggio verde Il Quadro di Troisi
12:55Ventiquattromila baci [= 24 000] Celentano, Adriano
12:51'Na tazzulella 'e cafè Daniele, Pino
12:48Nuova Napoli Nu Guinea
12:44Il partigiano John Africa Unite
12:39Il cielo su Roma Colle der Fomento
12:36SuperStudio Calibro 35
12:31L'italiano medio Articolo 31
12:26Curre curre guaglio 99 Posse
12:21Raggio verde Il Quadro di Troisi
12:18Conversazione mina
12:15Svalutation Celentano, Adriano
12:11Angeli Gautier, Valentina
12:06Ma quale idea D'Angiò, Pino
12:03Supercafone Piotta
12:55Cars Gary Numan
12:51Dribble Sycco
12:47Hot on the heels of love Throbbing Gristle
12:44Black Lemons Chauffeur et Parlak (CH)
12:40Fuck The People The Kills
12:35Try Me Jorja Smith
12:32(REP) Too Early SuperJazzClub
12:28Boom shake the room Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
12:26Gutter Venbee
12:21Darking Ital Tek
12:18Can't stand losing you Police
12:15Orbit Dream Wife
12:11Amnesia (Couleur3 Edit) M83
12:08Firebreather Thunderpussy
12:03(REP) Fuse Sensu (CH)
11:57Aylesbury Boy Baxter Dury & JGrrey
11:50Ma quale idea D'Angiò, Pino
11:47Don't Leave Me Now Jessy Lanza
11:42Escapism. Raye & 070 Shake
11:38All Over This Party Sans Soucis
11:31Mansard Roof Vampire Weekend
11:24Bulletproof Berwyn
11:21(MX3 TOUS POUR UN C3) Come And Get It NNAVY (CH) (MX3 TOUS POUR UN C3)
11:16Tranqi funky Articolo 31
11:14Calm Down French Fuego (CH)
11:06Zitti e buoni Maneskin
11:03(REP) Hühnerei (feat. Durian) Karl Kave (CH)
10:57What You Wanna Try Masego
10:51I'm Not Here To Make Friends Sam Smith, Calvin Harris Jessie Reyez
10:44Ciao ciao La Rappresentante di Lista
10:38Love spreads The Stone Roses
10:31Gli occhi della luna Ex-Otago
10:28Amnesia (Couleur3 Edit) M83
10:24(REP) Nothing Matters The Last Dinner Party
10:19The Chase (C3 Edit) Giorgio Moroder
10:12Atoke FlexFab & Ziller Bas (CH)
10:08Mon amour Annalisa
10:03Naked (ft. Leven Kali) Adi Oasis
06:58Everything Everything Cold Bath (CH)
06:55Autoradio Valentino Vivace (CH)
06:52Live Like Crème Solaire (CH)
06:48Seagulls Bleu Roi (CH)
06:44Tracy Ruth Penny Shears (CH)
06:42Will You Be My Friend The Green Flamingos (CH)
06:38Regarde (radio edit) Leal (CH)
06:35You Could Almost Nic Gyalson (CH)
06:31Toujours la même chose Elsa De Vito & Vivo (CH)
06:28Potion of Love (C3 edit) Guy Mandon (CH)
06:25Melophonia Cosmic Fields (CH)
06:22All alone Plenty Enuff (CH)
06:19Kamali Priya Ragu (CH)
06:14Liquid girl Aloan (CH)
06:12Calm Down French Fuego (CH)
06:09Bubbles Of Time (Radio Edit) Rambling Wheels (CH)
06:06I feel like dancing Lee Everton (CH)
06:03De marbre Jazz Moka (CH)
05:57You and I Pad le Barde (CH)
05:52Secondo Melissa Bon & Gaspard Sommer (CH)
05:49In The Fields (Couleur 3 edit) Frederik (CH)
05:46Terrible Luck Peter Kernel (CH)
05:44Like good Men Should Los Gatillos (CH)
05:40How Long To Wait Before The Storm Chozo (CH)
05:37Solitaire volontaire Adieu Gary Cooper (CH)
05:34Breaking Me Inside Syneye (CH)
05:31I Like To See You Wassily (CH)
05:26That rain Casagrande (CH)
05:23Hecho En Mexico Puts Marie (CH)
05:20No Words Elvett (CH)
05:15Optimist Panda Lux (CH)
05:12City Knight Diggin' (CH)
05:09Put Your Mind On The Street Meditekas (CH)
05:06Dog Days (C3 edit) Bloodorama (CH)
05:03La Nuit Billie Bird (CH)
04:58Hole in the Ceiling feat. Cornel Campbell (C3 edit) The Circle Of Confusion (CH)
04:56The secret of the zombies Kid Chocolat feat. Mocky (CH)
04:52This one's for you Mary Middlefield (CH)
04:49Fuck Your Accent Bonaparte (CH)
04:45Le Colosse de Rhodes Cyril Cyril (CH)
04:41Zug Nach Paris Kutti MC (CH)
04:38Easy Way Out Cori Nora (CH)
04:34Paris en bouteille Franklin (CH)
04:30Butterflöigä Nativ (CH)
04:27Real Thing Patrice & Ganglords (CH)
04:24The Crew Feat. Yvan Peacemaker (CH) Nick Porsche (CH)
04:21I understand Heidi Happy (CH)
04:18Je Parle Aux Plantes Toi Or (CH)
04:15Chicago Lapcat (CH)
04:11Ensemble baby Makala (CH)
04:08Smile that bright Aquarius Rockwell (CH)
04:03I feel crushed Alterboy (CH)