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Samedi 27 mai

17:55Let there be rock AC/DC
17:51Audio Sonic Love Affair Dubrovniks
17:48Le renard Bérurier Noir
17:43Tainted love Marilyn Manson
17:41Song 2 Blur
17:39Wau wau Hagen, Nina
17:32Don't Dinosaur Jr.
17:30Wart hog Ramones
17:271977 Tijoux, Ana
17:20Born to raise hell Motörhead
17:18Alice Practice CRYSTAL CASTLES
17:16El beasto Beasts Of Bourbon
17:11212 Banks, Azealia
17:08M.E. 262 Blue Öyster Cult
17:03Mongoloid Devo
16:56Mr. vain Culture Beat
16:53Macho man Village People
16:48You Oughta Know (Montreux 2012) Morissette, Alanis
16:45Hurdy Gurdy Man Donovan
16:41Eisbär Grauzone (CH)
16:34Freedom [Remastered] Rage against the Machine
16:30Coal Black Mattie Black Keys
16:27The Community of Hope PJ Harvey
16:24Free bird Lynyrd Skynyrd
16:20Go Wild Friedberg
16:16Raffarin Dombrance
16:11It's Good To Be Back (Radio Edit) Metronomy
16:07Cabrio Mango Coeo
16:03Eins,zwei,Polizei Mo-Do
15:56Non mi avrete mai Inoki
15:52Hide and Seek Nick Waterhouse
15:49Ma che freddo fa Nada
15:46Mauvais vin Super Hasard (CH)
15:41Water Me Down Vagabon
15:37Sabato Italiano I Coccodrilli
15:32Can I kick it ? A Tribe called Quest
15:29Città vuota mina
15:25I wish I Were That Girl Marina P
15:21La Lune Moodoïd
15:18Cicatrici Ariete
15:14Wishbone Django Django
15:09Mind Yield Arthur Hnatek & Swims (CH)
15:03Karmacoma (the Napoli trip) Massive Attack
14:58Talk About Caroline Alves & Gaspar Narby (CH)
14:56(REP) From Gaza, With Love Saint Levant
14:52Come Maddalena Morricone, Ennio
14:48Cello Song Fontaines D.C.
14:43Elettrochoc Matia Bazar
14:40Feux follets Flavien Berger
14:37Copernicus (Couleur3 edit) Julien Dyne
14:34Me potevi sparà Argento, Asia
14:30Deception Blackalicious
14:27Egomostro Colapesce
14:23Una vipera sarò Russo, Giuni
14:193 O'clock Blonde Redhead
14:13Impressioni di settembre Premiata Forneria Marconi
14:10Le Bouquet Gina Été (CH)
14:05Mike (desert island duvet) Fred again..,The Streets & Dermot Kenne
14:03Soffice Al Habash, Laila
13:56Albuquerque Nouveau Mexique (CH)
13:51Flores No Mar Populous; Mottaz, Emmanuelle
13:48Ceviche Varnish La Piscine (CH)
13:44In alto mare Bertè, Loredana
13:41Take Westerman
13:35American Valhalla Iggy Pop
13:31Noi non ci capiamo (Radio edit) Soerba
13:28So easy Röyksopp
13:24DOMENICA Bluem
13:21SAD Kaze (cantautrice)
13:18Breakdown Handsome Boy Modeling School
13:13Chimera La Batteria
13:10A Child's Question, August PJ Harvey
13:07Self-Checkout Odd Beholder & Long Tall Jefferson (CH)
13:03Black Moon (feat. Mei) Calibro 35
12:56Mourning Sound Grizzly Bear
12:53Fast Franz Yet No Yokai (CH)
12:50Where the wild roses grow Nick Cave
12:47Wishbone Django Django
12:41Antidoto Mago, Theus; Curses DJ
12:37Mauvais vin Super Hasard (CH)
12:33Nemesis Clementine, Benjamin
12:30Flirt Abdelwahed, Deena
12:24Till the End Curtis Harding
12:21Ghost Run Free The Lemon Twigs
12:18Peppers (Couleur3 Edit) Lana Del Rey & Tommy Genesis
12:14Cannonball Breeders
12:12Talk Down Dijon
12:10Worms Ashnikko
12:07King of Riddim Moves x Cruise; DJ Slimfit
12:03High Life Bloc Party
10:55Danza Organica (Extended Version) Sam Ruffillo
10:47running out of time (Couleur 3 Edit) Lil Yachty
10:45Rin Tin Tin Boyrebecca
10:40The Rockafeller Skank Fatboy Slim
10:36A Woman Qlowski
10:30RRRUDE BOY BoomBass
10:25Una notte da impazzire D'Angiò, Pino
10:22Candle Flame (feat. Erick the Architect) Jungle
10:20Il sole non aspetta Colombre
10:16Rouge Rose Barrio Colette (CH)
10:12Hide and Seek Marxist Love Disco Ensemble
10:05A me di roma piace il rap Cor Veleno, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti
06:58Its True Mark Kelly (CH)
06:54C'est l'Eté (radio mix) La Bande à Joe (CH)
06:52Smoke another air k (CH)
06:49Holiday Marvin (CH)
06:47Kopfkarussell Peter Pana (CH)
06:44Wild in Secret Kadebostany (CH)
06:41Leaf Al Pride (CH)
06:38SOS Sim's (CH)
06:35As cool as Berlin Valeska (CH)
06:32Auguste Piccard We Invented Paris (CH)
06:29CHIC! Julie Meletta (CH) (MX3 TOUS POUR UN)
06:26Cannot Not Dance Carvel (CH)
06:23And The Thunder Nelson Beer (CH)
06:19Darling Elio Ricca (CH)
06:17Just Wanna Vibe (Couleur3 Edit) Evelinn Trouble (CH)
06:13This Feeling (Edit) Brandt Brauer Frick & Sophie Hunger (CH
06:10Ease Back Boi (Couleur3 Edit) Lazzylife feat. I Leen (CH)
06:06It is time Ndagije (CH)
06:03Les Yeux Des Chats Temps Des Nuits (CH)
05:59Ice grip (Radio edit) Delia Meshlir (CH)
05:56Turn It Up The Clive (CH)
05:52The Hymn Verena Von Horsten (CH)
05:48Wendy The Other Day East Sister (CH)
05:45Until it bleeds John Dear (CH)
05:42Teenage blues Navel (CH)
05:40Was Ist Das (C3 edit) Bandit Voyage (CH)
05:37Come to me Tendinista (CH)
05:33Driven By Clouds Morse (CH)
05:30Stories Upon Your Lips The Rambling Wheels (CH)
05:27From the Get-Go The Animen (CH)
05:24Checkmate (Couleur 3 Edit) Aloïs (CH)
05:20Holometabolism Kashmire For Goliath (CH)
05:16Electric (feat. Caroline Alves) Remove (CH)
05:13Chanson triste Yoa (CH)
05:10As Long As I'm Lost With You The Great Stoyan Duo (CH)
05:06Temps Mort Hyperculte (CH)
05:04Sweet harmony Sirens Of Lesbos (CH)
04:56Where You Are Dominic Wolf (CH)
04:53Toujours la même chose Elsa De Vito & Vivo (CH)
04:48Sunny days (Filewile version) Pressure Drop Soundsystem (CH)
04:44Regarde (radio edit) Leal (CH)
04:41Dub Controller feat Charlie P O.B.F (CH)
04:38Zecchino d'oro Mister Milano (CH)
04:33Seagulls Bleu Roi (CH)
04:29Body Semantics Jon Hood (CH)
04:25Guestroom Anna Erhard (CH)
04:22Primroses (radio edit) Alice Roosevelt (CH)
04:19The Penthouse Swear I Love You (CH)
04:15I wish we were shy Soph' (CH)
04:12We are sisters Flèche Love (CH)
04:09Good Run (Bad Trip) Gian (CH)
04:07De marbre Jazz Moka (CH)
04:03Sous Ta Fenêtre Le Roi Angus (CH)