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Vendredi 25 novembre

20:01Final Credits Midland
19:54Sun After Rain Rüf Dug
19:48Tell It To Me Slowly feat. Nick Richards nubiyan twist
19:43Love Is So Funny Thunderbolt
19:37In the forest Baby O
19:31Words Boogienite
19:25Lipstick (Shout!) JM Black
19:22Let's Fall In Love Val Young
19:17Give me your love Mayfield, Curtis
19:13Supermarket Pete Dunaway
19:09Light Up The Night Brothers Johnson
19:03Yearning For Your Love The Gap Band
18:55Heavy Heart Shuttle (CH)
18:52De l'autre côté (feat. Thaïs) Panaviscope (CH)
18:47ACTU - National Team Hotel Lux
18:43New Gold (feat. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown) Gorillaz
18:28ACTU - Down In Atlanta Pharrell Williams & Travis Scott
18:24Rue de Paradis (feat. Tertia May) Folamour
18:12Resonate Folamour
18:05Lost In Space (feat. SG Lewis) Folamour
17:54ATK Bonobo
17:52GOLD - White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
17:46The sun MYD
17:42ACTU - D'ici là Flavien Berger
17:20Voyage La Colère (CH)
17:10Tutti Quanti La Colère (CH)
17:05So Tell Me? Nia Archives
16:46This Head I Hold Electric Guest
16:42Another Day (Couleur 3 Edit) B77 (CH)
16:32Pull Up (feat. Samm Henshaw) Smoko Ono
16:28Faith Pilar Vega (CH)
16:15Anxiety Megan Thee Stallion
16:05Break My Heart Rudimental
15:58Get Light Nas
15:40Translight Breakbot
15:36Slave To The Algorithm Adrian Sieber (CH)
15:23Get off Dandy Warhols
15:21(REP) LAB Bulgarian Cartrader
15:13Cuff It Beyoncé
15:06Serotonin Moonbeams (C3 edit) The Blessed Madonna
14:55Your woman White Town
14:52La nuit galope Citron Citron (CH)
14:49Ariel Stateless
14:47Cabrioli Moussa
14:44Uzak Dur Emir Taha
14:40Take Care of You (feat. Syd) Charlotte Day Wilson
14:38Chill Bill (feat. J. Davi$ & Spooks) Rob $tone
14:34Wuthering heights Bush, Kate
14:30C'mon Baby, Cry Orville Peck
14:27Kinky afro Happy Mondays
14:23Delicate Limbo Bumblebees (CH)
14:20Something about us Daft Punk
14:16Weak become heroes The Streets
14:13Veneno Cachita (CH)
14:07Downhill Lullaby Sky Ferreira
14:03Goldigs Lächle To Athena & Esmeralda Galda (CH)
13:57I know Laurence Revey (CH)
13:55Chiri Rosalia
13:53Some girls are bigger than others Smiths
13:50Still Remain Soft Captain (CH)
13:46Cookie Chips (feat. MF DOOM & Cam O'bi) Rejjie Snow
13:43I See Naveni (CH)
13:40Rush Ayra Starr
13:37He Don't Love Me Winona Oak
13:33Androgyny Garbage
13:30Fatigay Pluton, Milla (CH)
13:27Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood
13:23Love Like Blood Killing Joke
13:15Mutate Jeanne Added
13:13Both Issy Wood
13:10Yebo/Sema Masego
13:06Backseat Little Simz
13:04Knew You Better Haich Ber Na
12:58Keep On Dreamin' The Arcs
12:54Take Life Easy Christy Essien
12:50Crepusculo Gino Ritmo & Ricci Verace (CH)
12:47Late Night Talking Harry Styles
12:45Fall Asleep Big Joanie
12:39(REP) Gold Rush (C3 edit) Stella Explorer
12:35Süpürgesi Yoncanan (Single Version) Altin Gün
12:29I'm a believer The Monkees
12:26Get Inspired Genesis Owusu
12:19Vampire Dance (feat. Sr. Wilson) O.B.F. Soundsystem (CH)
12:15Hell N Back Bakar
12:10Coffee and TV Blur
12:06(REP) Crack Baby Sweets
11:58This Is Why Paramore
11:54(REP) My Way Pip Millett
11:47Legalize it Peter Tosh
11:41Lose My Mind Greentea Peng
11:34Dirt Y2K & JPEGMAFIA
11:31La médaille (Exclu C3) Sandor (CH)
11:25Fire Barns Courtney
11:22Apple Juice Gretel Hanlyn
11:16(REP) Sys 'n Hoe Angie Oeh
11:13Milkshake Kelis
11:06Tell Me Your Politik (feat. Moonchild Sanelly & Nile Rodgers) Nakhane
10:55Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
10:49Brotherlove Crimer (CH)
10:46Boogie Night Heatwave
10:34(REP) LAB Bulgarian Cartrader
10:32Comme l'Océan Komet City & Augustin Von Arx (CH)
10:27The Drummer Red Hot Chili Peppers
10:24Come Jain
10:17Karma Danitsa (CH)
10:12Dream on dreamer Brand New Heavies
10:04I Think My Mind Has Made Its Mind Up The Wombats
09:57A Tip from You to Me Jack White
09:50(MX3 TOUS POUR UN) Coastline Two & The Sun (CH)
09:47M'en Veux Pas Marie-Flore
09:43What it's like Everlast
09:40Get Light Nas
09:38BEEP M.I.A.
09:28She's a Rainbow Rolling Stones
09:25(REP) Running Kliffs (CH)
09:18Shut up and let me go The Ting Tings
09:14(REP) Hide and Seek Marxist Love Disco Ensemble
09:09Adalam Va! Priya Ragu (CH)
08:55Down Hot Chip
08:50Back To Earth (feat. Dr. Koul) Lady Bazaar (CH)
08:44Sunset Caroline Polachek
08:37Indiana The Jamborines (CH)
08:33Cassius 99 Cassius
08:23I'm coming out Diana Ross
08:17SPF Flohio
08:09MANIAC (feat. Windser) Macklemore
07:55Cuff It Beyoncé
07:51Action Chai
07:46I See Naveni (CH)
07:40L.E.S. Artistes Santigold
07:36It Ain't Over The Black Keys
07:28Mr. Rocknroll Sam Himself (CH)
07:24Piece of my heart Janis Joplin
07:19Boeing Feu! Chatterton
07:14The sign Lizzo
07:06DEUTSCHLAND (Radio Edit) Rammstein
06:57Sofia Clairo
06:54Still Remain Soft Captain (CH)
06:47Beat it Michael Jackson
06:43CP_009_ Évidemment Orelsan & Angèle
06:40Dummy The Regrettes
06:32Stay With Me (feat. Justin Timberlake, Halsey & Pharrell) Calvin Harris
06:27Never Forget you Noisettes
06:23Walkin' On The Sun Smash Mouth
06:20I'm too sexy Right Said Fred
06:16Gettin' jiggy wit it Will Smith
06:14Get Around Town Revolver
06:09Murder on the dancefloor Ellis-Bextor, Sophie
06:06The real Slim Shady Eminem
05:58Pluto Veronica Fusaro (CH)
05:55Best life Muthoni Drummer Queen (CH) & Mordecai
05:52Chanson de rupture Staro feat. Albert Chinet (CH)
05:49Reason to live The Mondrians (CH)
05:46Comme Il Faut (Couleur3 Edit) Mehmet Aslan (CH)
05:43Stop Rewind Disagony (CH)
05:39Down in Oslo The Animen (CH)
05:37Fléau Basalte (CH)
05:33Clair de lune Los Orioles (CH)
05:30You Could Almost Nic Gyalson (CH)
05:27Best life Slimka (CH)
05:24In The Air Prince Jelleh (CH)
05:21Holiday Marvin (CH)
05:19Obvious Kassette (CH)
05:16Feet in the Sand Al-Berto And The Fried Bikinis (CH)
05:13The Wiper Harvey Rushmore and the Octopus (CH)
05:09This is your heart Yves-Ali Zahno (CH)
05:06Sweet Sweet Sweet (radio edit) Olympic Antigua (CH)
05:03Boggy The Bonnie Situations (CH)
04:59Moses attempts Jon Hasle (CH)
04:56Forno Elio Ricca (CH)
04:52Loner Soybomb (CH)
04:50Comme l'Océan Komet City & Augustin Von Arx (CH)
04:46The Scale Beaumont (CH)
04:41Invisible Aloan (CH)
04:37Not High On Drugz Benjamin Amaru (CH)
04:34Elevator (Radio Edit) Pale Male (CH)
04:30All alone Plenty Enuff (CH)
04:28Sort It Out okNoah (CH)
04:24Deux Mouches My Name Is Fuzzy (CH)
04:21Vampire Dance (feat. Sr. Wilson) O.B.F. Soundsystem (CH)
04:18Lindo Moreno (C3 edit) The Black Heidis (CH)
04:15Loups Chien Bleu (CH)
04:12Just Met Naomi Lareine (CH)
04:09Just Wanna Vibe (Couleur3 Edit) Evelinn Trouble (CH)
04:06Tres Hermanos (feat. Dan Auerbach) Hermanos Gutiérrez (CH)
04:03Pellicule (feat. Torino) Senti (CH)
03:57Now Be The Time (Radio Edit) Oy (CH)
03:54Glass Johan Papaconstantino
03:50Straight outta compton N.W.A.
03:47(REP) Running Kliffs (CH)
03:43Nemesis Clementine, Benjamin
03:41(REP) Gun To My Head Leila (CH)
03:37Diamonds Kanye West
03:34Kill Dem Jamie XX
03:31Say it Piri & Tommy
03:23Christine Christine and The Queens
03:20New Smile Iuri (CH)
03:17See and don't see Marie Queenie Lyons
03:15Too Drunk To Fuck Nouvelle Vague
03:11I Stole Your Jumper Eaves Wilder
03:09Eleanor put your boots on Franz Ferdinand
03:06Que toi Lily Gasc (CH)
03:03Midori Tristesse Contemporaine
02:56Astronaute Karami (CH)
02:53Good to sea Pinback
02:50Nathan (still breathing) Fred again..
02:47Quicksands and Crocodile Tears Marzella (CH)
02:43Mad World Feat. Gary Jules Michael Andrews
02:39Rue Des Vaincu.e.s Belvoir
02:36NFT (feat. Nicolas Nadar) Xewin (CH)
02:29Red right hand Nick Cave
02:25Koo Koo Fun Major Lazer, Tiwa Savage, DJ Maphorisa
02:21Dreamer Blaze (Duo)
02:18The love Nadine Carina (CH)
02:14(REP) Gold Rush (C3 edit) Stella Explorer
02:10Hate Loyle Carner
02:03Sometime later Alpha
01:27Hide and Seek Marxist Love Disco Ensemble
01:23Apple Juice Hänlyn, Gretel
01:18New soul Naïm, Yael
01:14Inan Faris, Selman
01:09Tonight (Edit) Phoenix
01:03Humble Kendrick Lamar
00:30Everything's alright (C3 edit) Vanucci, Aldo
00:27The Penthouse Swear I Love You
00:23War Starr, Edwin
00:19Pro Freak (feat. Doechii & Fatman Scoop) [Couleur 3 Edit] Smino
00:15La médaille Sandor
00:11Hell On Earth Circa Waves
00:06Rehab [live on Jools Holland] Winehouse, Amy
00:03The Drop Sports Team